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Wildlife and Scenery

The mangrove ecosystem is fascinating and views of the coastal mountains provide a great backdrop.

Saltwater crocodiles are normally seen on over 90% of cruises, particularly in the dry season (May-Nov). They tend to be solitary and territorial. Although the population density is low we have good success at finding them as we know their territories and favorite locations. We regularly see birds of prey such as brahmany kites, ospreys and white bellied sea eagles. Other birds such as mangrove herons, whimbrels, rainbow bee-eaters, sunbirds and kingfishers are also seen very often. Whilst staying in calm water each cruise also passes along the harbour and waterfront for great coastal views.

There is also an interesting mixture of boats and harbour activity because Lady Douglas operates from the Crytalbrook Superyacht Marina in the heart of Port Douglas this tour is particularly convenient for those without a car or visitors looking for a short duration and inexpensive tour. Dickson Inlet is a fantastic asset to Port Douglas and the mangrove flora we see is characteristic of estuarine areas in Far North Queensland. In the upstream channels there is more freshwater influence and the fauna and flora are quite different.

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